New To Air Ride?

Welcome! Here we will try to answer the most common questions our New Air Ride Buddies have.

If you need help deciding which kit is best for you, we can help. Read on further for more info.
  1. I've never done this before. Can I install your kits myself?
    • Absolutely, with some basic tools, some mechanical ability, a floor jack/lift and a weekend of time. We've designed these kits for you, the weekend DIYer.
  2. Are your kits really 100% bolt on?
    • Yes, the air ride kits themselves are 100% bolt on, minus the shocks which doesn't apply to every kit. However, if you choose to relocate your front shocks, some vehicles require light welding of a relocator bracket.
  3. Is there any trimming involved on the front spring pocket?
    • That depends on your particular vehicle. Click on the vehicle specific information button on the previous page.
  4. Do you sell air ride kits with preset ride heights?
    • We don't and we won't because we hear customer's stories about what the the guys who are selling aren't telling... You have an old-school rod, it shakes, rattles and rolls. When you mix all of this technology (sensors, levelers, computers and miles of wire), you are a glutton for punishment. Our hot rods have headers that emit heat. Different climates (freezing temperatures and heat waves, moisture from the tank) puddles; all of these can affect electronics negatively. A parallel to appliances would be the more electronics you have, the more possibility you have for failure. We want to be like the Maytag man and not have to answer phone calls about broken products.