EZ Air Ride Infinity Series Air Bag™ 2500#
EZ Air Ride Infinity Series Air Bag™ 2500#

EZ Air Ride Infinity Series Air Bag™ 2500#

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EZ Air Ride proudly presents our exclusive, new 2500lb. Infinity Air Bags™! We would like to say that they are good 'til the last drop, but we simply cannot do that as there will never be a last drop with these air bags. Our industry-first, 1,000,001-mile warranty*, guarantees that you will have Infinite drops. The Infinity Air Bags™ will be the first and last air bags you ever need. It is our pledge to provide the absolute best air ride products at competitive prices with industry-leading warranties. 
Included with each Infinity™ bag, you will receive your choice of a genuine brass, DOT-approved fitting. Selling an air bag without one would be like selling a new flashlight without including new Duracell Coppertops®.


*Our 1,000,001-mile warranty guarantees these air bags for the life of your car, as long as you own it. Warranty does not cover product damage inflicted by misuse including rubbing on vehicle suspension components, installation error, contact with sharp objects or damage to mounting brackets caused by dropping or other blunt force. Always check for clearance issues and potential installation issues prior to initial road testing.
Duracell Coppertops is a registered trademark of Duracell Inc.